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Primary Care & Aesthetics at EasyCare Florida
Douglas Scott
Doctor, D.O.
Responsible and skilled physician with more than 10 years of exemplary service in the medical field, with experience in a variety of healthcare settings.
Marie Confident
APRN, Nurse practitioner
More than 5 years of experience providing medical services. Helping patients in their journey to health and comfort.
Isleidys Mora
Medical Assistant
5 years in the medical field as a responsible and skilled medical assistant and phlebotomist. Doing what I love, which is helping patients and making them feel as good as possible.
Katiuska Luque
Medical Assistant
Specialized in administering medication, reviewing confidential reports, preparing exam rooms, taking vital signs and providing quality patient experiences. Training in phlebotomy, medication administration and procedure support.
Yaimi Hernandez
Medical Assistant
I have more than 10 years of medical experience as a medical assistant. I love helping patients and caring for their needs.
Claudia Conde
Medical Aesthetician
More than 10 years of experience in laser hair removal, electrolysis and medical facial treatments.
Thomas Perez
IV Therapist
I specialized in anything IV, from infusing fluids, via an IV catheter to administering medications, supplementing fluid intake, or providing fluid replacements, electrolytes, or nutrients.
Yanin Gorra
Benefits Coordinator
More than 5 years of experience helping patients to understand and apply for the benefits that are available through the state and government. I am distinguished by the excellent dedication to each patient.

Physical Therapists at EasyCare
Stephen Diamantides
Doctor, Chiropractor
Florida licensed and insured chiropractic physician who has 20+ years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of personal injury patients.
Bonnie Arnold
Doctor, Acupuncturist
With more than 20 years of experience in pain, stress and PTSD management, using acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine.
Cynthia Faulkner
I perform physical therapy specialized in children with conditions and disabilities including general developmental delays.
Monica Lugo
Medical Assistant
 10+ years of experience as a medical assistant and customer service along with her friendly personality. Always giving our patients and visitors a satisfactory experience.
Eilif Rodriguez
Massage Therapist
More than 15 years of experience in massage therapy with a background in physical therapy back in her country.
Yadelys Darias
Massage Therapist
Specialized in massage therapy and sports medicine, with experience in the use of rehabilitation equipment like ultrasound, cold laser and others.
Administration and Operations at EasyCare Florida
Laura Grandia
Front Desk
More than 3 years of experience in bookkeeping and customer service giving our patients and visitors a satisfactory experience.
Gretel Gonzalez
Office Manager
More than 5 years in the health insurance and medical fields. Excellent customer service and relationship with patients and business staff. Specialized in medical business management.
Lianny Jimenez
Medical Assistant, Billing Specialist
10+ years of experience as a medical assistant and billing specialist.
Keeping better records, and optimizing productivity in the healthcare setting.

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