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Monitor your health and detect illnesses early by having your blood tested with our on-site phlebotomists.
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Same-Day Convenience

Some providers require you to go to a separate lab to get your routine blood work. At EasyCare, our convenient on-site lab means you can get your blood tests done right in the office during your regular doctor's appointment. No need for a separate appointment or driving to another location.
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Comprehensive Testing

Our lab can handle all the tests commonly requested by doctors, including Complete Blood Count (CBC), Basic Metabolic Count, Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), Lipid Panel, Thyroid Test, Blood Glucose, Vitamin D, Iron (TIBC), Testosterone, Hemoglobin, and more. 
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Skilled Professionals

Our highly trained, experienced phlebotomists will ensure your test is quick, easy, and comfortable. They can perform the test while you are seated or lying down. Let them know of any special circumstances and they will be happy to accommodate your needs.
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Secure Results Online

See your results online as soon as they are available! Our secure and convenient online portal gives you access to and control over your test results and other important health information. 
At EasyCare, our healthcare professionals provide efficient and accurate phlebotomy services to give your doctor an accurate picture of your health. 
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WHAT IS the PHLEBOTOMY or blood testing laboratory service?

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Phlebotomy is the process of using a needle to draw blood from the vein. Also known as venipuncture, it's an important procedure for routine health screening, monitoring your body, and diagnosing illnesses. The blood drawn is tested for the presence or absence of various substances to help your doctor determine how your body's systems are functioning.

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING your blood testing appointment

There's nothing much for a patient to do during phlebotomy except relax and get your blood drawn. However, there are many behind-the-scenes duties for the phlebotomist.
Some tests may require you to fast hours before the scheduled session. Your physician should give you instructions beforehand.
The procedure can be done while you're sitting or lying down. You'll be asked to make a fist with your hand, and a tourniquet will be tied around your upper arm. This will make your veins more apparent, making it easier to insert the needle in the right place.
You may feel a small sting when the needle goes into your arm. Your blood will be drawn through a needle, into a small tube, and eventually go into a test tube or a bag. For a test, it will usually take 2-3 minutes to draw enough blood.
The needle will be removed when the phlebotomist has obtained the necessary amount of blood for testing. They will then remove the tourniquet and bandage the area. You may be asked to press down on the gauze for a few minutes until the bleeding stops.

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Accurate. Your doctor needs accurate information to provide you with the best treatment. Our phlebotomists follow medical best practices to ensure accurate results.
Safe.  Our phlebotomists are highly trained and experienced medical professionals.  Your wellbeing is our priority.
Caring. Some people become weak at the sight of blood and others have special needs. Our phlebotomists will accommodate you and help you feel comfortable. 
Communicative. Clear communication is essential to successful testing. Our phlebotomists will explain the specifics of your procedure and answer any questions you may have.

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